Amazing GPT4 Features That Came From ChatGPT

Open AI company has recently introduced new updated version of its ChatGpt product GPT-4. It is more creative, reliable and accurate information than ever before. AI superpower OpenAI unveiled GPT-4, an upcoming significant improvement to the technology that underlies ChatGPT and Microsoft Bing, the search engine that uses the technology. GPT-4 is said to be bigger, faster and more accurate than ChatGPT, even leading many prestigious exams, including the Uniform Bar Test for those aspiring to practice law in the US also includes. There is more collaboration and creativity than ever before. GPT-4 can also use photographs to generate captions and analysis, whereas ChatGPT, which was powered by GPT-3.5, only accepted text input. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. We describe the features, shortcomings and superiority of the new language model over the previous ones. Additionally, ChatGPT Plus, which utilizes GPT4 and costs $20 a month, was introduced. A innovative and evolutionary change from ChatGPT is GPT4.

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1. Safer:

According to OpenAI, “GPT4 is 40% more likely to produce factual responses than GPT-3.5 on our internal evaluations and 82% less likely to respond to requests for content that is prohibited.” There should be greater and higher barriers surrounding it, as well as more accountability and justification. Since the dark side of GPT can be really dark, this is crucial. Sam Altman, the creator and CEO of OpenAI, recently stated that they are “a little scared” of their own creation and that the world does not need another Frankenstein at this time.

Now GPT-4 will answer all kinds of questions more accurately than ever before. A person named Oren Etzioni, who is doing research on artificial intelligence technology in the US, asked similar questions to the previous versions of ChatGPT and GPT-4. Through this, he checked who gives accurate information.

2. Visualize pictures

ChatGpt or GPT-3.5 could only understand the language of text, but now GPT-4 can understand text as well as images. Greg Brockman, co-founder of Open AI, the company that made it, said that I asked a question through a photo of the stuff kept in my fridge. In response to this, GPT-4 told what they should cook for food.

3. Useful in medical cases

GPT4 is an excellent “visual volunteer” who can describe images in great detail. The Be My Eyes demo demonstrated how GPT4 could vividly explain any picture, such as a Van Gogh artwork like Starry Night. The GPT4 killer app may be this multimodal capability, which has the potential to work with photographs, audio, and video. Since OpenAI believes there is a significant risk of abuse with this function in its current state and is working to establish some moral boundaries around it, it has not yet been made available to the general public.

Professor Anil Gehi of the University of North Carolina told that a patient had come to him for treatment. Describing the problem of that patient, he asked GPT-4 that how to cure this disease?

After this GPT-4 suggested to treat and give medicine as he was thinking. Professor Anil says that after listening to the answer of GPT-4, he felt that he has become an expert in medical science. Not only this, GPT-4 can also tell information about the compound of a drug. He can also give detailed information about the effects on the body after consuming this medicine. He says that through this technique, it is possible that in future, scientists can find a cure for H3N2 virus and other serious diseases.

4. Analyze articles and research papers

In today’s time people are short of time. In this case, GPT-4 can summarize long newspaper articles or research papers. Scientists were stunned to see that GPT-4 can understand long articles or research papers like humans. GPT-4 can handle texts longer than 25,000 words, expanding its range of applications to extended content production, document search and analysis, and long dialogues. In response to this, GPT-4 said that all the important points of the article have been written in this summary, but one fact has been wrongly written in it. This fact is nowhere mentioned in the original text of the article.

5. Humorous
You are sitting alone. There is no one around you to talk to. In times like these, GPT-4 can make you laugh by telling jokes with a sense of humour. Scientists say that even in the matter of telling jokes, GPT-4’s sense of humor is amazing as compared to GPT-3.5.

6. Useful in legal cases

Apart from providing correct answers to questions, ChatGPT-4 has also started handling court files. It is believed that this can make the complicated process of fighting the case easier. This is because ChatGPT-4 can file a ‘Case’ in a single click.

In our country itself, lakhs of people do not knock the door of the court just because the preparation of the case is a complicated process. In such a situation, it is expected that this difficulty can be reduced through GPT-4.

7. Meteorological Usage
Research has also found that GPT-4 can give more accurate answers to questions related to past events. GPT-4 is not able to answer questions about the future. It answers what has already been said about that topic rather than stating something new.

8. Polyglot
It makes advantage of the multilingual translation and communication service Microsoft Azure Translator. In tests comparing GPT4 to GPT3.5/ChatGPT in reasoning across 26 languages (including Bengali), GPT4 performed better overall.

9. Building websites
As was previously said, GPT4 has the astounding capacity to create a basic website using only English language prompts and photos, which has the potential to dramatically democratize the creation of web content.

10. Greater accuracy

Compared to ChatGPT, GPT4 promises to be more accurate. It still has issues, but they seem to be less significant (it continues to gleefully “hallucinate” throughout chats). Though OpenAI has reluctant to say how big these training data sets were, they may be what powers GPT4. We are aware that ChatGPT was built to “make stuff up as it goes along,” to be realistic rather than accurate. GPT4 has a similar design philosophy, but it has been modified so that there is a greater emphasis on “truth” in it.

11. Aptitudes for reasoning

A list of standardized tests including law, education, medicine, etc. was displayed by OpenAI, and GPT4 aced them all. The SAT and the bar exam were among them. In fact, although GPT 3.5 was stuck in the bottom 10% of test takers, it passed a mock bar exam with a score in the top 10%.

12. Business Usage
A tutor that was available around-the-clock and nearly “human” in its ability to converse and offer advice was demonstrated by Khan Academy for its younger students. For blind and low-vision individuals, BeMyEyes created a GPT4-powered “Virtual Volunteer,” as we showed above. GPT4 is a wealth management tool used by Morgan Stanley. The UK startup Harvey has a contract for internal knowledge management with PWC and Bain. Expect a proliferation of such examples across businesses once GPT4 APIs become accessible.

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